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Do your dates perceive you as being ‘negative’?

Do you know what the number one attraction killer for men is? It’s the NEGATIVITY. You may want to read more about this anonymous poll and its results. Negativity and all of its varieties (nasty attitude, rudeness, etc) are the most common reasons of why men lose interest in women. Of course no one wants to be negative. We do not want to be negative and we do not... Read More

How to spot Mr. Unavailable

You know, when we meet someone new, we want to believe they are a good person and if we treat them with integrity they will treat us the same in return. As I like to say, we are NOT dating... Read More

Why online dating is such a disaster

Are you (or perhaps will soon become) one of those who is sick and tired of online dating? Is this what you have been putting up with recently: 99 % of men who contacted you were... Read More

Signs you are dating a beta male

If you are currently dating a beta male, then there is a big chance that you are 1) confused about his interest level 2) annoyed as hell because he won’t pursue you as much. Well, hello... Read More

Should you respond to his text messages right away?

Have you noticed how ‘when to text or to call back’ dilemma becomes an ISSUE when we feel something for a guy? When we date someone we are not sure about we usually do not give a cr*p when they call and how much they text. When they call we call back when we feel like it, and when they text we respond when we have time. The bottom line – we do not care about... Read More

Men with a 'buffet' mentality

In case you do not know – a buffet is a type of restaurant where you get to enjoy a lot of food for one single price. Just like you browse through rows sampling and trying a variety of dishes, men with a ‘buffet’ mentality browse, sample, and enjoy a variety of women. The only difference is that he gets to enjoy the experience and you are the one who pays the price... Read More

Are you dating someone who doesn’t want a relationship with you?

If you are not vigilant enough or are perhaps too enthusiastic (or needy) about ‘possible potential’, you may end up dating or being in a relationship with someone who could not care less about you and your needs and who is after their personal egoistical agenda ONLY. What it means is that once you are with them it may feel like you are ‘involved’ or ‘in a relationship’, but in... Read More

Online dating: are you expecting to hit the jack pot right away?

Do you see online dating as some sort of magic Wonderland where all you have to do to find The One is to swipe your credit card (aka to wave the wand) and click several buttons? Wow, I wish it was that easy. And quick. And pain free. It has been my observation that some people see online dating as a tool to find what they are looking for (which is true) in the shortest time... Read More