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Do your dates perceive you as being ‘negative’?

Do you know what the number one attraction killer for men is? It’s the NEGATIVITY. You may want to read more about this anonymous poll and its results. Negativity and all of its varieties (nasty attitude, rudeness, etc) are the most common reasons of why men lose interest in women. Of course no one wants to be negative. We do not want to be negative and we do not... Read More

How to spot Mr. Unavailable

You know, when we meet someone new, we want to believe they are a good person and if we treat them with integrity they will treat us the same in return. As I like to say, we are NOT dating... Read More

Why online dating is such a disaster

Are you (or perhaps will soon become) one of those who is sick and tired of online dating? Is this what you have been putting up with recently: 99 % of men who contacted you were... Read More