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Dating red flags

Spot these red flags early in a dating relationship to avoid disappointment later! There are always red flags (and yellow ones too!) signaling us of future potential troubles and issues, but for whatever reason, some ladies choose to ignore those flags hoping they either mean nothing or will eventually disappear. No, they will not! Ladies, successful dating is smart dating. You... Read More

Personality types - a brief MBTI overview

MBTI stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It is an assessment test that helps to discover the physiological type of a person with a very high degree of reliability. Once you master... Read More

Get to know him in just several dates!

Dear Ladies, if you think that dating is like looking for a needle in a haystack then you are right! The minute you meet someone new (again!) these thoughts start running through your... Read More

Is he giving you mixed signals?

He loves me… he loves me not, he loves me… he loves me not… If you feel like you are going crazy by trying to figure out what he thinks, then let me reassure you – you are not alone... Read More

Astrology and Love

Would you like to know what your Taurus man is thinking? And if you have broken up with your Scorpio man – would you like to get him back? INTERESTING FACT: The wife of Ronald Reagan was relying on astrology to guide her husband to success. The name of her astrologer was Joan Quigley. Now, this one is going to be interesting! What do you think of astrology?... Read More

Relationship responsibility - Selfishness vs. Empathy

Rejections and dating go hand in hand, but along with the rapidly developing technology one disturbing trend has emerged – a lack of responsibility and decreased empathy towards the other individual. The modern technology makes it so easy to meet someone new, and unfortunately, it makes it even easier to discard them from your life also. We live in a society where... Read More

Why focusing on the FUTURE destroys your chances for that FUTURE

Have you ever met a man who made you walk on eggshells the minute you started dating? It is not like he was inconsistent or failed to keep small promises, it is because he made you feel like you have not felt in a long long time. And if you are one of those who are terribly picky, finicky, hard to please, and ‘rarely fall in love’, then it may even feel like he is your real (and last) chance... Read More

Are you making this dating mistake?

A lot of women make this dating mistake. They do this because it feels natural and because it feels comforting. We would rather stay WITHIN our comfort zone and… make the same mistake over and over again than face the truth and do something about it (with a willingness to leave that comfort zone). Here is the mistake I am talking about: they meet a great guy, go out on several... Read More