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Flirting mistakes

When you chat or flirt with someone new, it is natural to feel anxious, insecure, curious, hopeful, and perhaps a myriad of many other feelings too, but having all those feelings does not mean, however, you have to act upon them or cross healthy boundaries. If only people could stop making these ridiculous flirting mistakes, there would be less first-last dates on this planet... Read More

Why he got your number but never called

So, it usually starts like this: you casually meet during some sort of event, he starts a conversation and acts like he is all excited and interested, and in the end he asks for your number... Read More

About being picky

Dating is certainly a selection process, but how badly do you need to be selective anyway? You do realize that there is no such a thing as a perfect man? All you need to do is to find that... Read More

Dating a married man

If you are involved with a married man, and in need of encouragement to leave the relationship, then you are in a right place. It is easy to judge someone without knowing the whole picture... Read More

Classic lies men tell

It is extremely annoying when people say or promise one thing and then do something else, but it is twice as annoying and hurtful when a man, you feel attraction for, does something like this to you. Men do this, ladies, they do this all the time! Your goal is to identify the lie, not take it seriously, and not take it to heart eventually upsetting you unnecessarily. Lots of times those... Read More

Are you searching for a PERFECT relationship?

If you are the kind of a person who has been through many relationships and perhaps marriages too, then I truly sympathize with you. It usually goes like this: you start a relationship with someone new believing 'this is it'... only to get disappointed once again. And the search continues... for that perfect relationship with that perfect man. I think that the reason it happens is that... Read More

When he says 'I miss you'

It is good to hear that someone is missing you, but is he REALLY missing you as he says? And let us admit ladies, you would not have an issue with him saying ‘I miss you’ if those words were not just words. It is the disconnect between what he says and does that makes you feel frustrated, angry, puzzled, confused, and perhaps hurt too! No matter where he lives... Read More

Will he get back together with his ex?

Well, ladies, this can be a very touchy subject for those who just started dating someone, who just broke up with some one else. Spending time together, letting him become part of your life only to see him leave, and getting back together with his ex, would not just feel like a waste of time, it would feel like the ultimate betrayal! This experience can be so devastating that for... Read More