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Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself!

When you get mistreated by a man who you either do not know that well or do not care about, it is easy to put him on the spot, to say it as it is, to turn around and walk away. After all - you think - what did I have to lose? It would be a different story if you were in love with the man. Somehow, deep down, you have this disturbing believe that if you were to speak up he would be the one... Read More

Discomfort of dating

Dating means meeting and forming relationships with new people. Dating also means dealing with the unknown. And where there is unknown there is always a certain degree of discomfort... Read More

Are you ready to date?

Before you go out there and make an emotional mess out of yourself by looking for that perfect match, you may want to stop for a moment and ask yourself whether you are even ready... Read More

First dates - how not to blow it

Once you meet someone special the least thing you want to happen is for him to disappear. With that being said would you like to increase your chances of him calling you back? Would... Read More

Stay away from men who make you feel INSECURE

Have you ever noticed how differently we may feel with different men? Here is this man who spills jokes right and left and suddenly you laugh like never before, feel special, happy, and confident. Here is another guy who is always way too serious super-pragmatic, practical, and rigid. Try laughing in front of him (like never before) and watch his reaction. You will You will sure be... Read More

Dealing with his past

Every time you start a new relationship with a man you cannot really expect him not to have had a personal life before he met you. This is his past and it happened BEFORE he met you. You may feel like you need to know EVERYTHING about his past, because knowing what he did in the past gives you sense of control and knowledge of what he could POSSIBLY do in the... Read More

What stands behind dating

I would like to open your eyes to something that you have never thought about or had no idea existed. This knowledge will help you to understand the behavior and emotions of men (and women as well) when dating or in a relationship. I would also like to point out that this knowledge is universal - no matter what country you are living in, your culture, status or age this knowledge... Read More

If you feel sad about not having a boyfriend

If you currently don’t have a boyfriend and are feeling sad about it, then I think you are just looking at only one side of the coin. How about the other side? Did you try to flip it over and see what is there, and what story it tries to tell you? At first glance it is easy to get sad and depressed over having no boyfriend, especially if everybody else you know are in relationships already... Read More