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Playing games = insecurity

If you think of those moments when you felt like playing games, you probably could recall also that at that particular moment you felt insecure in the dating relationship. You believed that if you were to behave 'differently' it would yield different (better) results. You also believed that you would come across as more attractive, desirable and interesting in his eyes and he 'would like...Read More

Dating flowers butterflies border

Online dating - you can make it work!

The media keeps feeding us with happy stories of people who found love online and somehow conveniently avoids to mention the rest of the people (the majority, mind you) who have been... Read More

Online dating - how to find a boyfriend

First things first: when it comes to online dating there is one important fact to be aware of - over 90% of the profiles on the dating sites are nothing but JUNK. And, when I say 'JUNK' I mean... Read More

Do not date JERKS!

Ladies, did you know that men tend to behave the same way with every woman they get involved with (at a given time)? If he calls you 'Baby' and gives you flowers on your birthdays, rest... Read More

Obedient and disobedient men

This is an interesting phenomenon you do not read much about, but it exists and it is very useful to be aware of when deciding on your future mate! Overall, all men can be divided in two big categories: obedient and disobedient ones. AN OBEDIENT MAN IS A MAN WHO HAS BEEN CONDITIONED TO LISTEN TO A WOMAN. He tends to be agreeable and often goes along with... Read More

Should you play hard to get?

Ladies, what are you trying to achieve by playing hard to get? And if he already likes you, should you still play hard to get? Playing hard to get is a good way (sometimes) to make a man chase you, but not for the reasons you think! Here is something that every woman needs to be aware of before contemplating the ‘hard to get’ game. See, men are wired differently and hunting... Read More

If you feel discouraged and hopeless

After multiple failed relationships, bad experiences, painful heartbreaks and disappointments how do you find courage and a will to keep moving forward nevertheless? Where do you find encouragement to keep going and where do you find hope to believe, that you are not the most unlucky person in the world, and there is still someone special out there for you? Should you give up... Read More

Dating is not a contract!

This one is so important, especially for those who take initial stages of dating way too seriously! If you have been on the receiving end of this issue, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Some people have a higher tendency of falling into this 'dating = contract' mode than others, but overall the end result is the same - frustration and disappointment. How it all starts... Read More

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