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Do you feel guilty about going No Contact?

When you feel like you need to go No Contact (to get over them and/or to stop a flow of constant abuse), but are afraid that doing so might hurt THEIR feelings, then there is something wrong with this picture. If you were a pleaser, a nice person, felt like you ‘had’ to respond to their every message or a call, or got them accustomed to having you on their terms whenever it... Read More

Why relationships end

Have you ever tried to take a look at your past, think of all the relationships you had and figure out why they ended? I mean like taking a really conscious look to understand what happened?... Read More

Did I scare him away?

‘Did I do something wrong to scare him away?’ – is the very first thing that comes to our mind when a man disappears on us. Especially after several great dates... Read More

Do not be afraid to break up!

Many of us are afraid to break up. There could be many reasons why, but the most common one is fear - the fear of being alone. We are afraid to break up because we do not want to be... Read More

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