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3 wrong assumptions about the No Contact rule

If you think that the No Contact rule is about something more than just leaving them for good and moving on then you need to read this article. It has been my experience that some people believe that the No Contact rule was created to manipulate the other person back into a broken relationship. This is so wrong and delusional on many levels, I do not even know where to start... Read More

Post-breakup triggers and reminders

I know you want to forget your ex. Yes, I do. I also believe you want to stop thinking about him and stop feeling the pain. It is exhausting and it drains your mind. When a relationship ends... Read More

5 truths about breakups

Why is it that every time people break up, some of them become delusional about ‘how things (after the breakup) should be’? And, the higher the delusion level, the longer they tend... Read More

Do not be afraid to break up!

Many of us are afraid to break up. There could be many reasons why, but the most common one is fear - the fear of being alone. We are afraid to break up because we do not want to be... Read More

No Contact vs. Disappearing – is there a difference?

At first glance it may seem like these two – No Contact and Disappearing - are the same, but taking a closer look shows that they are not. It is true that in both cases the other person is out of our life, but it’s HOW it was accomplished explains the difference. Disappearing is commonly associated with new relationships while the No Contact is more prevalent among long-term... Read More

Is he still calling you?

‘After discovering that I was just a side piece, I broke it all off and asked him to never contact me again… It has been 4 months since we saw each other and he still keeps calling. What is going on? Why is he calling me?', ‘After a long 5 years, I got finally sick and tired of being his p*ssy on demand woman… What made me stay so long? Well, as those years kept passing by I kept... Read More

What not to do when he breaks up with you

Here is the thing: if he does not want you anymore, then no matter what you do (or do not do) won’t change his mind. Which means that whatever you decide to do ‘to bring him back’ will be nothing but a waste of your energy and time. Breakups are hurtful enough to go through, but trying to do ‘everything you can’ to bring them back will only add to the pain. It will feel like a... Read More

When he comes back AGAIN

Did he just come back AGAIN? Should something like this happen you better have your finger on the ‘flush’ button ready to push to flush him back immediately. Let him go back to where he came from (and we do not want to go into stinky details here, do we ladies??) When your ex comes back – once AGAIN – it is your golden opportunity to show him his place. You see... Read More

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