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Be done with your dead-end relationship!

There is something about these dead-end relationships – although you may suspect you could be in one, somehow you want to believe that you are not. Even if you are 99% positive it will not reach its logical destination, what keeps you staying is the 1% of hope that ‘one day, somehow, something will change’. Are you stuck in this ‘something will change’ dream? How... Read More

Rejection is God's protection

Yes, ladies, rejection is God's protection and I would like to take one bold step further and say - it is a GIFT! If you are currently feeling rejected by someone you dated several times, or... Read More

How to break up with no regrets

Have you ever felt like you wanted to end a relationship but at the same time were not sure about it? You were afraid that if you were to ‘happily’ break up with them one day, a flood of... Read More

Letting go of a failed relationship

Your mind knows it is over, but your heart will not let it go. Do you wish you had a switch in your head and heart to turn off all those emotions and memories to finally feel free?... Read More

The call from your ex

Did you receive an unexpected call from your ex? He left you many months or even years ago, and now he is calling? What does he want and what is he thinking??? I can imagine your confusion over this event, especially if it took you a long time to get over the relationship. You did all you could to move on with your life; you truly believed it was over... until today. Read More

Letting him down gently

If you have been dating this nice gentleman for several weeks, and have come to the realization that you do not want to see him anymore, how do you let him down gently, possibly without hurting his feelings? It is not going to be easy ladies, because the guy you are dating, no matter how you sugar coat your ‘breakup’ speech, is still going to feel hurt. With this being said... Read More

What is 'being in love' or why breakups hurt

You have probably heard, that the 'in love' feeling you experience, is a chemical reaction that is happening in your brain. Actually, it is not just a chemical reaction, ladies, it is an addictive chemical reaction. Let's take a look at how it plays out in a real life situation EVERYBODY can relate to. Think of a total stranger, aka Mr. Handsome, you happen to see occasionally. You don’t know... Read More

Is it possible to hate someone you used to love?

Let me reassure you that you are NOT imagining things and you are not crazy because yes, it is very possible to hate someone you used to love.Have you heard of the saying ‘Love and hate stand together’ before? They do stand together but how far apart from each other? What should happen for them to get switched and what should be the cause? If it ever happened... Read More

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