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When you finally kick him to the curb!

When you, no matter how patient a person you are, decide to finally kick your man to the curb, it says one and one thing only - you have finally had enough! And only you and you only know how much you had to take and to go through to finally reach this point of having enough. At this point, you do not even expect him to understand your frustrations and disappointments, all... Read More

Breakup boundaries

Dear ladies, I wrote this article to help you get over your breakup, and not to do something embarrassing that you will 101% guaranteed regret later! Please understand, that the minute he... Read More

Getting closure and moving on

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like if only you could get all the answers, then and only then you would FINALLY be able to move on? You want those answers because you want clarity... Read More

The No Contact rule

Are you familiar with the No Contact rule? Basically, the No Contact rule states that in case you get dumped in order to bring him back you should cease all communication between... Read More

You can live without him1b

If you have been ghosted

If EVERYTHING was great and felt great, then why would he suddenly disappear? Why would someone abandon something that seemed so good and wonderful? It does not make any logical sense! Sure it does not make any logical sense because there was no logic involved. His disappearing act was NOT based on rational thinking and logic, it was based on feelings. And... Read More

Do not be friends with the ex who treated you poorly

So, are you wondering whether you should be friends with your ex who treated you poorly? ‘Let’s be just friends’ – is so common among couples who are on the verge of breakup, but what is also common - is the (desperate) desire to say 'yes' to his offer completely disregarding any possible consequences of such a decision. Ladies, if your ex was treating you poorly... Read More

He disappeared after several dates...

Hmmm... Crickets... Everything was so good... We had such a good time together... He was so nice to me... Did I do something wrong?.. Did he forget about me?.. Did he get tied up with work?.. Should I call him?.. Please STOP right there! Let me ask you this: have you ever met a guy you sort of liked, went on several dates with him and later on realized that you just did not... Read More

The No Contact rule - how to stay strong

The No Contact rule (if you stick with it) is a good way to get over your past relationship and to move on completely. Sticking to the No Contact and focusing on YOU - is the best you can possibly do for yourself after the unhappy relationship ends. You are hoping to feel better and you are looking forward to a happier life. The pitfalls of the No Contact rule are such that right after... Read More

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