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Dating - looks matter!

It is only natural for a woman to want to be beautiful. Even if you think you are not beautiful or are not measuring up to some standards, let me tell you this ladies, every woman is beautiful in her own way! There is no need to try to resemble models, you are who you are, unique and special, and your own type. EACH MAN HAS HIS OWN TYPE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH!.. Read More

Get dolled up for a date - makeup

Ladies, let's get dolled up for your first date! The process will include your eyes, lips, and the skin of your face. These will be very basic and minimal suggestions of a classy daytime... Read More

Diary of a slim woman

Hello beautiful lady. Have you ever wondered why some women are always overweight and others are constantly skinny? I am one of those slim women and no, I am not on a diet... Read More

Affordable beauty and health programs

Let us admit that quite often our own appearance does affect how we feel and think about ourselves. No one wants to look ugly, scary, or unattractive. We all want to look and feel... Read More

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Soft water: flat hair disaster fix!

If you have EVER lived in an area with soft water or had a water softener installed in your home then you will NEVER forget what a disaster your hair will turn into after only one wash. If you're washing your hair in a soft water, then there is a high chance you will be having a lot of ‘bad hair days’. I once moved to an area with soft water and let me tell you ladies, I did not just have... Read More

Would you like to know if you have 'the look' of a commercial print model?

You see, when you join a modeling agency all they say is ‘we do not guarantee you success’ because ‘we never know what our clients might want and what kind of look they might be looking for’. Therefore many agencies accept many people who just appear to be ‘pretty’. When they happen to site someone else’s success all they say ‘he/she just had THAT LOOK’... Read More

Makeup for light blue eyes

If you have light baby blue eyes (not just blue eyes) AND have ever tried to pretty them up with makeup, then you have probably noticed that most of the time - when not done correctly - you look ‘overdone’. The tricky thing about light blue eyes is that most of the stuff out there is just way too strong for them. To make matters worse, I would assume that since you have light ... Read More

Get your beauty sleep back or how to stop coughing at night!

I would like to share something that I discovered by pure accident. But first things first: there are many reasons for coughing and this article is covering persistent dry cough that resulted from having cold and/or laryngitis only. In other words, if you just recovered from cold and still suffer from persistent dry cough – especially at night – then you are in the right place. I had a cold... Read More